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    Bronze Shell .packet | Order Now

    Gold Shell .packet | Order Now
    30 MB of disk space 50 MB of disk space
    • SSH Access • SSH Access
    2 Background processes 4 Background processes
    • Access to public vhosts • Access to public vhosts
    2 Custom reversed IPv6 vHosts
    4 Custom reversed IPv6 vHosts
    1 IPv4 Custom vHost
    All for 7 € | month All for 15 € | month

    IRCd .packet | Order Now
    50 MB of disk space
    1 Private IP
    4 Background processes
    • SSH access
    • Up to 500 simultaneous users
    All for 15 € | month

    Are you looking for botnets already linked and configured, ready to use?
    Or for shells where to run game servers or something else?
    Just contact us and we'll find a sollution for you ;)
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