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    Q: How long does it take to setup the new order?
    A: We will setup your new account in less than one hour after the verification.

    Q: What IRCNET servers should I use?
    A: It is specified in server's motd, so you will see it when you login into your shell.

    Q: I try to connect to my account with FTP, but I get the message "Connection refused". What should I do?
    A: On some boxes we don't run a FTPD so you should use WINSCP to transfer files. WINSCP is similar with FTP but it uses encrypted connections, therefore your password and data cannot be sniffed.
    You can get WINSCP from

    Q: I selected a vhost from your list but when I try to connect to IRC I get the message "Cannot assign requested address". What should I do?
    A: Make sure you are using a vhost that is available for that box. You should select them from the list generated by commands "vhosts" and "vhosts6" on the shell and not from the web page because they may be outdated.

    Q: When I try to connect to an IRC server I get the message "Too many connections from your host". What can I do?
    A: Your vhost might be used by other users, therefore you should try another IRC server or select a different vhost. If problem persist you should contact us.

    Q: I connected to the IRC server, but instead of vhosts I have an unresolved IP. How can I get a resolved vhost?
    A: Connect to a different server and if you have the same problem you should report it to

    Q: What IPv6 IRC Servers should I use?
    A: For IRCNET it is specified on server's motd. For other networks, consult their server list. Also make sure your IRC client supports IPv6.

    Q: Why is my psyBNC killed as soon as I execute ./psybnc ?
    A: Edit you psybnc.conf and replace the field
    You can also use the getpsy script as specified on server's motd.
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