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    You can choose from the plans predefined below, or you can contact us for custom plans.
    Please note:
    • There is NO setup fee.
    • Servers can be used for Web Hosting, Game Servers, Databases, DNS, Mail Servers, IRCD, etc.
    • For distributions you can choose anything from Fedora, Red Hat, Debian, Slackware and Mandrake.
    • All servers include full root access.
    • You can request kernel upgrades/changes which will be done for free.
    • We are one of the few dedicated servers provider which allow IRC activity on servers.

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    2600 Mhz CPU (shared) 2600 Mhz CPU (shared)
    5 GB HDD 5 GB HDD
    • Linux OS • Linux OS
    80 GB | month transfer 100 GB | month transfer
    10 Mbps Bandwidth 10 Mbps Bandwidth
    256 RAM 256 RAM
    1 Static IP 16Static Reversable IPs
    All for only 44 € | month All for only 59 € | month

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