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    Exodus was founded in July 2002 as a shell provider and has served more than 500 customers from 22 different countries.
    We have gained a very good reputation due to our secure and stable systems and we satisfied 99% of our customers.

    Here is what we offer:
  • IRC allowed Dedicated servers for hosting, irc, games or any other applications
  • Our IRC Shell accounts include access to all tools you will need:
    gcc , TCL , crontab , BitchX , screen , perl , links , lynx , mc , wget , psybnc , bnc, muh, ezbnc, emech, eggdrop, etc.
  • IPv6 support (FREE VHOSTS using IPv6)
  • Lots of amazing vhosts on such sweet domains like , , , and many others. You can suggest a new vhost.
  • Submit Link to submit-link dot net web directory
  • 100 days uptime averages on shell servers.
  • We also have IRCnet I-line for our shells(iline means you can connect to servers which usually are restricted).
  • You can use Paypal, E-gold, Moneybookers, Western Union, Credit Card(cc) or Bank Transfers to make payments.

    Copyright © 2002-2005 Exodus. All rights reserved.
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